TradeLog - Employee trade monitoring made easy

A compliance solution aiding the monitoring of securities transactions, holdings and consents.

Euronext Securities has streamlined the monitoring of employees’ personal trading activity through electronic preclearance, screening list capabilities, and automated rule checking. We will help you reduce time spent on managing your employees all the while ensuring you are staying compliant towards the current regulations, guidelines and internal routines.

When companies operate in the financial market are required by law to report on employee trading to ensure public confidence in the financial markets. This pan-European online solution offers an automatic process and centralisation on one platform. TradeLog includes the employee’s initial application to the compliance department’s evaluation and approval, and the ongoing trade monitoring and notifications.

TradeLog is advantageous for companies of all sizes. Even if you are a small investment company, the solution enables you to make a more structured, transparent approach to enforcing employee trading regulations. With respect to considerable attention on insider trading and employee investment practices, TradeLog allows you to take a proactive approach to compliance and to put monitoring tools in use before incidents occur.

tradelog features

  • Fully digitised application process for pre-clearance of trades
  • Seamless administration of consent, holdings, roles, and related parties
  • Communication channel with the firm’s compliance department: employees receive information about blackout periods, prohibited trades
  • Automated surveillance and notification of violations
  • The system helps employees ensure they operate in full compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies.
Data capture
The solution is linked directly to the employee’s account in either Euronext Securities Copenhagen or Oslo and retrieves information about listed companies directly to the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) to.

This automated process gives compliance departments several advantages, as they can see who is complying with their trading guidelines and regulations, and automatically ensures that consent form the associated employees is obtained and maintained.

To learn more about Tradelog – download a more detailed information here.
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