Board Committees

The Board of Directors has established four committees which conduct preparatory tasks prior to decision by the full Board of Directors.

At VP, the following committees have been established:

  • Audit Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Remuneration Committe
  • Nomination Committee

Click on the links here below to read about mandates and task for the committee. You can also download a charter clearly describing each committee.

Governance structure

VP Securities Governance Structure

Our committees

The Audit Committee has as its objective to:

  1. advise the Board of Directors on the performance of the VP’s independent internal audit function, which it shall oversee,
  2. supervise VP's statutory audit and financial reporting and
  3. supervise VP’s system of internal controls.

Charter of the Audit Committee

The Risk Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on VP’s overall current and future risk tolerance and strategy.

Charter of the Risk Committee

The Remuneration Committee has as its objective to:

  1. improve the quality of the work of the Board of Directors by contributing to the preparation of the basis for the Board of Directors' decisions in connection with the drawing up, implementation and pursuit of the remuneration policy for members of the Board of Directors and the executive Board of VP, and
  2. advise the Board of Directors on VP’s remuneration policy, which it shall oversee.

Charter of the Remuneration Committee

Remuneration policy

The Nomination Committee assists the Board of Directors in providing a basis for its decisions for the purpose of:

  1. identifying and nominating appropriate candidates for the Board of Directors of VP;
  2. ensuring that the members of VP's Board of Directors at all times have appropriate skills and a good reputation and international experience and that a sufficient number of the members are independent; and
  3. meeting the policy target set by the Board of Directors for the underrepresented gender on the Board of Directors.

Charter for the Nomination Committee

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