Arne Joensen

Chief Audit Executive

Area of responsibility

Chief Audit Ececutive. In charge of VP’s independent Internal Audit Function under supervision from VP’s Audit Committee. Responsible for conducting regular and independent audits in accordance with requirements in CSDR as well as requirements stated by VP’s Board as outlined in VP’s Information Security Policy.

Previous employment

1981 - 1986 Deloitte, Financial Audit
1986 - 1988 SPEKT, Thorshavn, Financial Audit
1988 - 1999 KPMG, Financial Audit and IT-Audit
1999 - 2006 Ernst & Young, Partner IT Audit
2006 - 2014 Deloitte, Partner IT-Audit and Risk Advisory

Education and training

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, State Authorized Public Accountant