Jakob Hermansen

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Area of responsibility

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer. Ensure overview of business management and compliance with the overall objectives of VP's continued operations, including identification, assessment, treatment and monitoring of relevant threats and risks, including compliance risks and compliance with relevant law, industry , IT security standards and customer standards.

Previous employment

1993 - 2000 Financial and IT auditor, Deloitte
2000 - 2008 Risk & Compliance officer in the BankInvest Group
2008 - 2011 Consultant at KPMG advising financial companies on operational risk management and compliance, and risk and compliance officer in the pension sector
2011 – 2015 Chief Risk Officer at Unipension

Education and training

HD (R) (Graduate diploma in business administration) from Copenhagen Business School, 1998. Various supplementary education.