User Committee

The User Committee is a forum for topics of significant relevance for VP's customers and the committee acts independently of the management of VP.

The User Committee is chaired by a chairman appointed by the Board of Directors among the customers and meets on a regular basis. Further constitution of the User Committee is the responsibility of the chairman as described in the Charter of the User Committee which you can download below.

The responsibility of the User Committee is to advice the Board of Directors on customer opinions and expectations and allows the customers to express their views on key issues, e.g. pricing structure and needs for specific services, to the Board of Directors. The User Committee has direct reporting rights to the Board of Directors.

Charter of the User Committee


  • Chairperson, Michael Holmgaard Mortensen, Senior Vice President, Danske Bank
  • Anders Kjove, Executive Vice President, Sydbank
  • Ann Magnusson, Head of Investor Services, SEB
  • Carina Roosmark, Head of Network Management, Handelsbanken
  • Frank Nielsen, Assistant Governor, Banking and Markets, Danmarks Nationalbank
  • Henrik Møller Nielsen, Head of Back Office, Jyske Bank
  • Jan Mühlendorph, Head of Trading & Custody Operations, Nordea
  • Kurt Hanggaard, COO, BankInvest
  • Nicolaj Legind Jensen, Head of Funding and Capital, Nykredit
  • Ola Mjørud, Securities Country Manager, Citi
  • Peter Frisgaard Lauridsen, Vice President Finance, IT & Digitalization, Sparekassen Kronjylland

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