Simplify the process of gathering shareholder information

VP Securities is launching a new functionality that will collect shareholder disclosure information on behalf of issuers.

In September 2020, the Shareholder Rights Directive’s (SRD II) rules on shareholder identification and voting went into force. This means that listed companies now have the right to identify their shareholders and request intermediaries to provide relevant information about a company’s shareholders.

The Collector solution

VP has developed a Collector solution, where VP collects the investor information from the custodial banks, gathers it into a comprehensive report and delivers that information to the requesting issuer. Data will be sent using straight through processing (STP), which enables VP to step in and offer a simpler and more efficient method of getting shareholder information on behalf of issuers.
The solution is available to all companies that have issued and registered their shares with VP.

VP will use the technological infrastructure that SRD II has put in place by utilizing internationally recognized communication standards where methods for handling confidential information is already in place.

Launch in Q1 2021

The new functionality will be available by the end of Q1, in time for the Annual General Meeting season.

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