Courses for advisors

VP holds courses for advisers on a regular basis.

The content of the courses is the role of VP Securities in the financial infrastructure, including:

  • (i) issues and depository,
  • (ii) trade and settlement, and
  • (iii) business transactions – opportunities and pitfalls.

The courses comply with the formal requirements for the compulsory training of lawyers and auditors, cf. Section 3 of Order no. 1474, 12/12/2007 and Order no. 820, 25/06/2010.

Flemming Merring

Head of Issuing Agent

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We want to provide our customers with efficient, reliable and excellent investor services and at the same time, we take pride in finding solutions supporting legal and technical issues related to Issuance.

- Flemming Merring , Head of Issuing Agent