Shareholder Identification Services

The objective of the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) is to encourage shareholder engagement and increase transparency.

It gives all share issuers listed on regulated markets the opportunity to request information about who their investors are, and their holdings. At Euronext Securities it is possible for Danish share issuers to request this information via their issuing agent.

In collaboration with Euronext Corporate Services, Euronext Securities is able to provide the share issuer with three different tiers of shareholder identification and analysis.

Shareholder Analysis Report Offerings

  Disclosure file Basic Shareholder Analysis  Advanced Shareholder Analysis
 Raw data file   (X)   (X)  (X)
 Formatted view of investors    X X
 List of all institutions and funds including key contact details    X  X
 Highlight summary      X
Entries/exits of investors and top buyers/sellers       X
 Holder geography and style vs. peers      X
 ESG fund analysis (at additional cost)      X

Shareholder disclosure response report

A simple solution that delivers all of the information in a formatted Excel document. The document comes with a reading guideline and a reconciliation guideline. The information in the Excel spreadsheet is based on the ISO 20022 standards.

If you would like more information on the shareholder disclosure response report please do not hesitate to contact Senior Relationship Manager Søren Milbregt.

If you would like to order the shareholder disclosure response report please contact your Issuing Agent.

Basic Shareholder Analysis

The Basic Shareholder Analysis processes the data from the shareholder disclosure response report and changes it to a more readable report where the reconciliation is handled and assessable. It also provides an analysis of all institutions and fund investors.

Advanced Shareholder Analysis

The Advanced Shareholder analysis provides a comprehensive deep dive analysis of the investor base. In addition to the information that the basic analysis provides, it also gives a highlight summary of main trading movements and investment trends, while advising on the next IR steps. Whenever a new analysis is provided it will highlight the main entries and exits, top buyers and sellers among institutional investors, along with providing a complete investor style and geography profile against peers as a basis for targeting if needed.

Request a demo of the Basic Shareholder Analysis or the Advanced Shareholder Analysis.

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