Virtual General Meeting

Easy access for shareholders to engage and exercise their shareholder rights online.

VGM is a tool for companies that wish to foster active ownership and see a higher participation and interaction than in a physical meeting. The system is fully tried and tested.
In both 2021 and 2022 we have facilitated more than 100 VGMs between January and June of each year.

Meet investors who are unable to attend physical meetings

As a limited liability company or investment fund, you can vote at a general meeting to allow virtual general meetings to be held. This might benefit investors who are unable to attend the physical meetings.

Facts about VGM

  • Flexible set-up for issuers
  • Fully or partially virtual meeting
  • Static, dynamic or live video stream & audio
  • Ability to add and modify agenda points
  • Secure back-up of data and functionality

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the planning of the AGM or you would like to receive further information on our solution for the partly or fully virtual AGM.

Read more about how we can support your annual general meeting:

General meeting services, virtual as the new market standard (PDF)

As companies prepare for the next AGM season, questions are emerging about what form it will take. Even if social distancing restrictions are eased, there were many great lessons learned from the fully virtual or hybrid AGM season that suggest that this format might be here to stay.

Download this e-book from Company Webcast, a Euronext Company for everything you need to know about virtual or hybrid AGMs, and a step-by-step guide for how to plan one for your company.

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A few customer comments

  • "Very professionally set up skype general meeting, have not seen it so well conducted elsewhere"

  • "VGM was a great success. There were several participants who indicated after the meeting that they would not have participated if the meeting had not been virtual."

  • "it all seemed to run flawlessly - seen from my chair. No notches in the sound - no unforeseen interruptions."… "It went well - and I'm impressed!"

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