Whether you are an issuer or an adviser, you rely on a secure infrastructure when you bring securities to the capital market. We provide a safe and secure distribution network, connected to TARGET2-Securities across currencies and asset classes, so that you can easily reach your target investors.

We can give you access to secure central bank settlement in DKK, EUR and SEK, and we operate CSD links to the most important investor hubs, such as Euroclear Bank, Clearstream Bank Luxembourg, and others. This ensures you efficiency gains, since our simple and unified issuance process can be applied to asset classes such as bonds, shares, funds and structured investment products.


  • Secure infrastructure
  • Safe and efficient distribution
  • Connected to TARGET2-Securities
  • Central bank settlement in DKK, EUR and SEK
  • Hub to Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Bank Luxembourg

Case story

Cross-border issuance at Danske Bank fuels greater operational gains and benefits for their customers

Danske Bank issues structured bonds in both EUR and DKK at VP Securities. This gives operational benefits, while also enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Case story

Shortcutting the prospectus for issuance in EUR

Operational gains and savings on legal procedures made Danish Ship Finance stay with Danish law and the Danish CSD for its prospectus on ship covered bonds in EUR, even though the company had come far in the process for a UK prospectus.

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Simplification and harmonisation driving cross-border issuance

Greater harmonisation, simplicity and efficiency in cross-border issuance will support an attractive Nordic capital market, according to Nykredit, Nordea and VP at a panel discussion at this year’s Nordic Post Trade conference in Copenhagen.

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VP's opening days

By joining T2S, all participating CSDs and markets are obliged to follow the harmonised settlement calender.

Opening days


Prices and fees

The prices for issuing, deposit and clearing cover VP’s costs for necessary functions when issuing a security, trading and the reporting to the market participants and local authorities.

Table of fees

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