FundHub is an order routing platform, resembling the process and flow of the investment fund business in most other European countries.

Presenting Euronext Securities FundHub, an investment fund order routing platform from Euronext Securities Copenhagen.

The FundHub solution is designed to match the process and flow of the investment fund business in most European countries combining it with a CSD registration and safekeeping of fund units on securities accounts. This solution reduces complexity, risk and costs for Transfer Agents and Distributors. The platform allows a Transfer Agent to act on behalf of the investment fund, and order routing and distribution can also be handled by banks and financial entities that are not CSD participants. Issuance and redemption orders are netted and executed directly to and from the Distributor’s account. Fund orders can be placed in units or in a nominal value, e.g., 10,000 units or €10,000. Order routing settlement is handled with commercial money in all major currencies.

To learn more about Euronext Securities FundHub watch the video:

FundHub in numbers

  • 71 different single price mutual funds available on FundHub representing a market value of almost DKK 40 billion
  • 26 different banks are connected to the platform
  • 22,000 orders have been processed over the last 12 months
Case study

Meeting demands for a retail investment platform

Sparinvest partners with Euronext Securities Copenhagen to launch retail investment solution.

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