VP Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

In the autumn of 2015, VP undertook a major customer satisfaction survey. The purpose was to get a snapshot view of how VP is experienced by more than 600 customers.


High customer satisfaction

"We've now had the opportunity to analyse the feedback from the survey, and overall we are very pleased with the result," says Niels Olsen, CEO at VP.

"One area that we measured was 'Satisfaction', for which the result is at the high end of the satisfaction scale. We're especially pleased that our employees and their business acumen, and ability to resolve customers' problems, are behind the high satisfaction rate. Yet even though we're pleased with the result, we're also aware that a constant effort is needed to maintain and improve customer satisfaction."

Target: Even higher satisfaction rate in 2016

The survey showed that especially "Employees" and "Services" affect customer satisfaction. VP has therefore launched a number of initiatives within these areas, and the target for 2016 is to increase "Satisfaction" from 75 to 80 on the scale - to bring it into the Very high" category - before the new survey at the end of 2016.

"We need to have focus on e.g. how our employees should have even greater insight into and understanding of our customers' business and requirements - and communicate this expertise proactively. We wish to be experienced as a partner, both in day-to-day cooperation and with regard to more strategic considerations," Niels Olsen adds, continuing: "We'll also be focusing on having the right services, matched to our customers' requirements, and that they are sufficiently transparent."

"We hope that our customers will have an even better experience in the future, and once again we would like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in the survey – and we look forward to the next one in 2016."

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