VP Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

Again in 2016, VP undertook a customer satisfaction survey. The purpose was to get a snapshot view of how our customers experience VP.


Continued high customer satisfaction

"VP undertook a similar survey in 2015 and we're pleased to note an increase in customer satisfaction, even though it's a little lower than we'd hoped," says Niels Olsen, CEO of VP SECURITIES.

"We work hard every day to improve our customers' level of satisfaction and to increase their loyalty to VP. Business acumen and our ability to solve our customers' problems are, not surprisingly, still vital to our success, and this year's survey emphasises that this is even more important than ever before."

Ambition: To be our customers' preferred CSD partner 

The market for CSD services in Europe is currently being liberalised, and this will naturally bring major changes for both VP and our customers. Therefore VP has created a strategy that will bring us through the liberalisation on a strengthened basis. This ambition is vital for the activities and action areas we are focused on, so that we have retained our ambition to achieve a satisfaction score of 80.

This year's result was 76, which is a small increase from last year. This result is satisfactory, as it lies at the high end of the satisfaction scale. Loyalty also plays a vital role in the survey, and for this we scored 81. The analysis also shows a significant improvement in the Investor Services business area, and for all parameters.

2017 will be another exciting and important year for VP and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey and gave us important knowledge that supports our vision to be our customers' preferred CSD partner.


"We're pleased that we continue to score at the high end of the satisfaction scale, but 80 is still our target. We're well aware that a strong focus is needed to perform our agreed tasks in good quality and on time - and in a strongly expanded and competitive market. We need to make an extraordinary effort to achieve our goals," says Niels Olsen.