We take cybercrime serious

Cyber attacks are growing in number and sophistication, and these attacks are increasingly focused on financial institutions. To meet the growing threat, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation in the financial sector. VP participates in Danmarks Nationalbank’s forum for security: the Financial Sector Forum for Operational Robustness, FSOR.


We look forward to participating in this new cooperation. It is very important to be at the forefront of identifying and averting threats to our common infrastructure, says CIO Søren Kofoed Weeke, VP SECURITIES.

FSOR is a forum for cooperation between authorities and key players in the financial sector that aims to increase the operational robustness of IT systems across the sector, including robustness towards cyber attacks. In this forum, we work together with banks and Danmarks Nationalbank, and perform joint exercises. Read more about FSOR at Danmarks Nationalbanks website.

Søren Kofoed Weeke

Chief Information Officer

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We invest in new technology to create product features for our customers and simplify our solutions, but always with a focus on stability and security

- Søren Kofoed Weeke, Chief Information Officer