VP joins the ECB advisory Group AMI-SeCo

VP SECURITIES has accepted an invitation, by the ECB, to join the advisory group on market infrastructures for securities and collateral (AMI-SeCo). VP is one of eight CSDs asked to join and CEO Niels Olsen will represent VP in the group.


The group will acts as a platform for discussions related to the harmonisation of securities settlement and collateral management and is given mandate to advice on matters related to the financial market infrastructure.

The new group takes over the responsibilities of the T2S Advisory Group.

AMI-SeCo is chaired by the ECB and consists of representatives from European banks, central securities depositories (CSDs), central counterparties (CCPs) and national central banks.

Danmarks Nationalbank and the chair of the Danish National User Group has also been invited to participate in AMI-SeCo.

VP has contributed to the development of T2S for many years, and I am thus excited that VP is invited to the AMI-SeCo and thereby can continue to contribute to the development of the European Financial Infrastructure”, says Niels Olsen.

The first meeting has already taken place.

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