New service offering related to issuance

VP SECURITIES strengthens its services related to the business aspects of issuance and Corporate Actions. New profiles add more breadth to the consulting offering to market participants


Facing growing complexity within both issuance and Corporate Actions market participants express a need for both consulting and sparring within this area. Now VP SECURITIES responds to this trend by hiring a new set of professionals with the aim of strengthening the service offering. The new profiles at VP SECURITIES complement existing customer service team and make VP a potential partner in both business, process and technical aspects in this area. In addition, a recent customer survey points out, that clients expect more proactive and knowledgeable support in the processes of issuance and Corporate Actions.

Advisory on business aspects

“We have staffed up in our customer service team with experts in issuance and Corporate Actions. Not only do we want to offer guidance in the VP system; we now have a skill set capable of delivering sparring and advisory on the related business processes,” says Head of CSD Services Preben Rosenberg from VP SECURITIES.

If a market participant for example would like to introduce a new financial instrument, it is relevant to counsel with VP early on to secure the most effective support for the product in its entire life cycle and having foreseen future needs in terms of Corporate Actions.

“Customers have justifiable expectations to their CSD to offer these resources. In addition, it is part of our DNA to be able to advise in most aspects of issuance. Every customer seeks the best results with limited resources, and we would like to assist them”, he says.

VP has in recent months hired a number of new employees from the market. They joined a team of knowledgeable VP professionals creating a client-focused team with both deep understanding of the challenges faced by market participants as well as thorough awareness of the possibilities a fine tuned CSD can deliver. All of the new hires have a long tradition for customer service and they are characterized by their experience in handling IPOs, Corporate Actions, issuance and serving international custodians. 

Skilful customer service

“By recruiting professionals with experience from the market we would like to bridge all the functionality at VP with the issues our customers are dealing with,” says Senior Product Manager Morten Skanning from VP. “It is not necessarily commonly known than you can reduce manual processes and automate depreciations. Basically we would like to move ahead with full steam to reduce risk, simplify processes and to make life easier for our customers.”

One of the obvious advantages of consulting with VP in the early stage of the issuance process is to eliminate the risk of being forced to re-open a construction because of a system level technicality. The complete set of best practice around the VP system should be ready and available at the right time, and this is a matter of customer service and consultancy from VP.

Henrik Ohlsen

Customer Relations & Sales Director

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Preben Rosenberg

Head of Business Operations

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