Automation supports new ETP offering

Recently Nordea and Nordnet Markets introduced a series of Exchange Traded Products (ETP) on NASDAQ Copenhagen. A growing market and more automation for issuers are two perspectives related to this product launch.

When Nordea and Nordnet Markets early May launched a series of 267 ETPs to be traded on NASDAQ Copenhagen, the number of ETN products listed on NASDAQ in the Danish market nearly doubled. The target group are private investors trading in the trends within indexes, single equities, raw materials and currencies. Both NASDAQ Copenhagen and VP SECURITIES supported this launch with substantial innovation in efficiency and speed welcoming this growing market in Denmark.

“This is by far the fastest growing market on the stock exchange, and we want to fuel this growth as much as possible”, says sales director Sylvester Andersen from NASDAQ. The Nordic market has passed 35 billion Euro with Sweden as the dominating market place, and by launching at NASDAQ Copenhagen the hope is to fuel further development in Denmark. NASDAQ today delivers highly efficient listing and trading services including short time to market, and VP met the need for more automation to the operational issuance process.

“We developed a much more automated issuance process to facilitate a faster and more efficient issuance of ETF’s”, says Senior Product Manager Morten Skanning at VP SECURITIES. “The issuer may want to issue hundreds of products within hours and this is now supported by VP. We see this as a substantial increase of efficiency in our issuance process. ”

VP and NASDAQ jointly welcome this significant launch by Nordea and Nordnet, which introduces an increased variety of investment products to the Danish market. Easier and more efficient issuance is one of several enabling factors relevant when providing more products for investors to choose from.

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- Henrik Ohlsen, Customer Relations & Sales Director