GreenMobility makes succesful IPO in Copenhagen

Fast moving start-up company GreenMobility went public this summer and a process in less than four months is now a huge success. Gorrissen Federspiel, Kapital Partner and VP INVESTOR SERVICES were partners in the IPO raising 62,5 million DKK and meeting even more important objectives.


“We want to open in other cities in Europe, and we need the credibility and transparency of a publicly traded company”, says CEO Torben Andersen from GreenMobility. The company runs 400 electrical city cars in Copenhagen with a staff of 45 employees serving more than 11.000 customers in a highly efficient app-based set-up. 5000 new Danes came aboard in the last quarter, in which GreenMobility also went public on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.

IPO preparation in the evening

“We had to run the company in the daytime and prepare for the IPO in the evening”, says Torben Andersen. GreenMobility now have a solid platform for international expansion both in terms of capital and reputation. Tapping in to megatrends like urbanization, sharing economy and sustainability the investors were eager to get in.

“GreenMobility is a living proof of the realism and positive perspectives even for small companies in going public in Denmark”, says partner Peter Høgsted from Kapital Partner, which is a certified advisor to Nasdaq. “GreenMobility went oversubscribed, the company now has 1000 new shareholders and in the long run also a capital instrument to activate. All this achieved in an IPO preparation in less than four months.”

Partnering for the IPO

“We have most of the employees out in the street handling the cars and only a small team in the office, so off course we relied on support from the partners Kapital Partner, Gorrissen Federspiel and VP in terms of building the prospect, getting all the legal stuff right and actually make it happen”, says Torben Andersen.

“VP was a steady hand in the process”, explains Peter Høgsted. “They met GreenMobility with a competent team and a well structured process for the operational part of the IPO. They know what they are talking about and have a robust approach to handling an IPO.”

GreenMobility is currently evaluating tools for digitization of investor communications as the shareholder are viewed as a new important target group for the company. As the register of owners is maintained by VP GreenMobility is looking in to the investor relations services from VP as well.

“It is in our DNA to have digital and modern communication to everyone, and we need to build investor communications in the same manner. We will go beyond a traditional AGM and investor meetings”, says Torben Andersen from GreenMobility.

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