Student assistants are helping to shape the future VP

Eight student assistants are putting their mark on the workplace, while enjoying real-life business challenges in a relatively small and very open organisation. VP is investing in young people as part of investing in the future.


A lot of challenges

The culture at VP is very informal, and you can really feel the commitment from management to the younger generations. For VP, this is about preparing for change and innovation, and for us as student assistants it presents a lot of challenges. You get to test your skills and learn to solve problems in real life. I don’t think I would gain the same insights and feel the same trust in a bigger ‘celebrity’ kind of company,” she says.

If you’re serious and have your arguments lined up, even as a part-time student assistant here at VP, you can go really far,” says Ida Hinding. She has served as a student assistant in HR at VP for one year, and for half a year as an intern associated with a specific manager. She will complete her MSc in Business Administration and Psychology from Copenhagen Business School this summer, and at the age of 25 she has already been recruited for a full-time job at VP, working on the development of customer projects after she graduates.

The average age of VP employees is 46, and eight student assistants in their 20s, out of 170 employees, have a significant impact on the company culture. One very visible effect is the Friday afternoon social event that is organised by the student assistants.

Member of the team

I really enjoy working at VP. Here, I can develop my communication skills from my studies and put them into practice in a financial business context.” Pauline Millschou Nielsen will complete her MSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication from Copenhagen Business School this summer and is currently working on the recruitment of a new student assistant to take her place in VP Customers & Communication. For Pauline, the 15-hour working week at VP has given her a unique opportunity to become part of a financial infrastructure organisation and participate in larger projects such as the implementation of a new branding concept and the launch of new website. As a student assistant in Customers & Communications, she has been in touch with many parts of the organisation. “At VP, the student assistants are accepted as full members of the team. We are given responsibility for our own tasks and we often collaborate with the management.

Investing in the future

First of all, the students are really talented, and they can make a tangible contribution to our operations. We value their professional input. Overall, this is a deliberate investment in young people, as part of investing in the future,” says Henrik Ohlsen, Director, Customers & Communications at VP. “Furthermore, they add colour and energy to the organisation and, to some degree, they challenge the way we usually work. We are currently also hosting three Master’s thesis students as part of our innovation programme. This is all about opening up and preparing for change.”

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It is all about simplicity for our customers and thereby more efficient processes

- Henrik Ohlsen, Customer Relations & Sales Director