The Annual General Meeting season is well underway

A brief status after the first 20 days of the AGM season: 17 AGMs have been held - all virtual. There are still 127 virtual AGMs to come this season.

Since the approval of new Danish legislation in December 2020 to facilitate virtual AGMs, whereby the company’s management have the option, without requiring further authority under the company’s articles of association, to hold a fully or partly virtual general meeting, VP Securities has seen great interest in the VGM tool.

2021 was the first year of a fully virtual AGM for Ringkjøbing Landbobank, among many others. ”Since this was the first time we held a fully digital AGM, we had scheduled a dress rehearsal with the full set-up. This dress rehearsal gave us in-depth knowledge of VP’s VGM solution and also the opportunity to adjust various small elements before the general meeting itself,” says Chief of Staff, Lars Hindø.

He continues ”Our AGM was held as a fully digital general meeting via the VP VGM solution. The meeting went very well and professionally, and we had good help and assistance from our usual partners, VP Securities and AV Center.”

A few facts about the VGM solution

The VGM platform enables the shareholder to participate via PC, tablet or smartphone, typically by logging in using NemID. The virtual AGM is attended by watching a livestream, where questions can be asked or/and comments made via a messaging feature. If there are any items on the agenda that require voting, the shareholder can do so online. Shareholder proposals can be presented at the AGM via the livestream, or as a pre-recorded video.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a demonstration of the VGM tool or have any questions.

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