Danica Pension partners with Euronext Securities Copenhagen to hold secure employee elections

When Danica Pension needed to conduct a supplemental employee election with over 900 eligible employees and a one-week voting window, they reached out to Euronext Securities Copenhagen to get election and voting services tailored to their needs.

Danica Pension holds employee elections every four years, and they have partnered with Euronext Securities Copenhagen since 2016. Simon Cardel Langeland, Corporate Governance Specialist at Danica Pension, comments that this long-term relationship and familiarity with Danica Pension’s requirements made Euronext Securities the clear choice for this election. “We’ve worked with them on other elections, and it was important for us that we could have an all-in-one package that worked as smoothly as possible. That’s what Euronext Securities gave us.”

Fact box: About Danica Pension’s election

  • Ran from 1-8 June 2022
  • There were 917 employees who were eligible to vote
  • Euronext Securities handled the election communication flow and sent emails to all eligible employees notifying them of their right to vote.

Reaching all eligible employees

One of the unique challenges with this election was identifying all the employees who were eligible to vote. “Because we’re a subsidiary of Danske Bank, there are always employees working in different parts of the organisation or who are outsourced to departments in other subsidiaries,” Simon Cardel Langeland explains. Danica Pension worked with Euronext Securities to identify those employees who might have been overlooked and include them in the election flow.

A complete election package at a moment’s notice

Another notable aspect was the short timeframe Danica Pension had to get everything up and running. In this regard, Simon Cardel Langeland points out that Euronext Securities’ responsiveness contributed to a smooth process. “From the moment we contacted Euronext Securities, everything worked. We got a quick response with a ready-to-go package even though it was short notice. It was also easy for them to integrate our data in their system.” The fact that Euronext Securities could offer an established set-up that Danica Pension could easily fit into gave the Danica team much-needed peace of mind. “When you’re arranging an election, there are plenty of challenges you need to be aware of in connection with the actual event. If we’d had to handle the technical part ourselves, it would have been possible, but much more difficult and time-consuming. It’s nice not to have to worry about the technical aspects of the process.”

Secure voting process ensures election integrity

The secure election process also helped set employees’ minds at ease. “Everyone was certain that the system worked technically, that data was handled properly and according to GDPR regulations, and that anonymity was preserved,” Simon Cardel Langeland says. According to Julie Willum Kjærsgaard, Client Manager at Euronext Securities Copenhagen, making sure that an election process follows the relevant privacy regulations is an important aspect of the election and voting services Euronext Securities provides. “It sends an important signal to employees when they can log onto an external website using a username and password or other digital ID solution. They can be confident that their personal information isn’t being shared without their consent.”

Simon Cardel Langeland agrees. “When you have an external partner involved, it’s important you can vouch for the integrity of the process, and we’ve always been able to do that with Euronext Securities.”

To find out more about Euronext Securities’ voting and election services, please see here.

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