Our Business Areas and Services

VP’s core business is CSD activities, including a wide range of asset and issuer services. VP is a customer-focused company offering cross-border services, which match the new European environment.

Our services facilitate the financial industry and its customers’ requirements for the secure issuance, clearing & settlement and safekeeping of securities. VP’s system for clearing & settlement handles more than 65,000 transactions per day.

Issuer Services comprises Issuing Agent and Investor Services activities. These services include issuance services, share registers, meeting services, investor relations solutions, investor analyses and insider services. Furthermore, VP provides offerings within compliance and corporate governance.

Via its clearing & settlement services, VP ensures that securities transactions are settled between buyer and seller on a stable, secure and swift basis. VP also ensures the effective processing of Corporate Actions. These services are also offered for EUR-denominated securities and as from March 2017, VP has also been able to deliver selected CSD services in Swedish kronor (SEK).

In addition to core CSD activities, a number of services are offered to support customers’ internal processes in conjunction with their administration of securities. These activities include Asset Services and Investment Fund Services.


Henrik Ohlsen

Customers & Communications Director

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It is all about simplicity for our customers and thereby more efficient processes

- Henrik Ohlsen, Customers & Communications Director