Are you ready to form the future of a financial services company that is changing rapidly? / VP Securities

Are you ready to form the future of a financial services company that is changing rapidly?

VP SECURITIES – Denmark's central securities depository – has embarked on a fantastic journey of transformation from monopoly to commercial services enterprise. We therefore need skilled new colleagues with plenty of initiative, to help to create our future.

Not everyone has a clear view of VP as a company. We are actually the leading provider of securities and investor services in Denmark, and we also offer our solutions beyond Denmark’s borders. VP is the CSD (Central Securities Depository) in Denmark and Luxembourg, and we provide the systemic infrastructure in the securities area. On a daily basis, securities trades for more than DKK 150 billion are settled via our systems. We also assist a large number of Denmark’s listed companies and investment associations with services for their shareholders and investors. We take their trust in us very seriously. We are 180 dedicated employees who are all highly specialised in business development and IT.

VP SECURITIES A/S attracts and retains dedicated knowledge workers. We are particularly interested in employees with a financial background, or academic qualifications in the fields of IT or economics.

At VP, we have a project-oriented working culture, with a working day which ranges from a dedicated focus on launching new systems or products, to safeguarding and optimising day-to-day operations, and to peak load periods for VP and our customers, where the pulse is high and there is a strong team spirit. Meetings are held throughout our different working environments, and decisions are taken to ensure that our projects continue to make progress.

Since we rely on highly-specialised IT and business development, it is quite legal to be extremely focused and absorbed by your core competences, yet further respect will be earned if you are also open and can cooperate on creating the best solutions.

To learn more about what makes it exciting to work at VP, click on the four links or meet some of our employees and hear their stories below.

At VP we consider it important to have a dynamic and interactive recruitment process. When you apply for a vacant position, HR will keep a close eye and make sure you are kept informed of the progress of your application. All vacant positions can be viewed here on our website, but since VP is always on the look-out for skilled candidates, you are also very welcome to send us an unsolicited application. We look forward to meeting you.

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