Regulation and Supervision / VP Securities

Regulation and Supervision

VP's activities are regulated by the EU regulation on central securities depositories (CSDR) and the Act on capital markets.

The requirements for VP as a securities depository (CSD) are regulated in CSDR for which VP is authorized. The capital markets act regulates inter alia: connection to VP as Account Manager, netting, financial collateral and registration of rights.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has issued the following regulations under the Act on Capital Markets, which govern VP:

  • The Executive Order concerning the Book Entry, etc. of Electronic Securities in a Central Securities Depository
  • The Executive Order concerning the Deadlines for the Assertion of Rights pertaining to Automatic Collateral and Payment Reservations etc.

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In addition, CSDR has issued implementing regulations that regulate VP.

VP is subject to supervision by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority in accordance with both the CSDR and the capital markets act.