Values and Policies / VP Securities

Values and Policies

Our three core values will underpin our everyday attitudes and activities. We want our customers to experience our values when they work with us and to perceive as as:


As a trusted partner, we work closely alongside our customers to support their goals with reliable solutions and market expertise.


We strive constantly to deliver more innovative and efficient services that meet our customers’ growing challenges.

Value creators

Relying on our deep customer insight, we create value through services that realise our customers’ commercial targets.


VP's policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

VP takes its societal and social responsibilities seriously in the way it operates its business. VP acts in a socially responsible manner founded on value-based HR policies that address all the circumstances of an employee’s working life. VP believes that social relationships between colleagues are important to employee well-being, and accordingly VP gives financial support to the social, sporting and cultural association within the company.

VP conducts an annual survey of employees. This gives VP a yard-stick of the top Danish companies, helping in the pursuit of VP’s ambition to continuously improve the workplace.