7,300 billion Euros or 28 times Denmark’s GDP / VP Securities

7,300 billion Euros or 28 times Denmark’s GDP

That is the size of the annual securities turnover at VP and it takes something special: Skilled staff, advanced solutions, and secure and stable systems – day and night.


One of our most important tasks is handling everything behind a securities transaction. We manage electronic securities issuances, register ownership and rights, and manage clearing and settlement of securities transactions. We are also responsible for payment of interest and dividends on bonds, shares and investment certificates.

Users of our systems must be able to trade day and night – whenever it suits them. We process clearing and settlements six times every 24 hours, including netting of client positions both in cash and securities.

Every day, VP settles more than 40,000 transactions for a total value of some 21.5 billion Euros. This amounts to an astronomical sum of more than 7,300 billion Euros a year or 28 times Denmark’s GDP and that makes very special demands on our solutions. These must be secure, stable and flexible, something we ensure by using the latest security technology and an extraordinarily high emergency readiness. These competences are present in all of our solutions, making VP an exceptionally secure and stable supplier.

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