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Administration of securities is often associated with cumbersome processes that require a lot of specialized resources and focus on operational excellence. At the same time, smooth and reliable operations are crucial for a bank offering investment services. As a limited company a bank also has the need for servicing its shareholders. For example, to manage an AGM and keeping the shareholder registry up to date in compliance with the regulations poses many challenges.

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Many years of experience

VP has worked together with the financial industry in Denmark since 1980 to automate and optimise processes regarding securities transactions. Our focus is on security, stability and the efficient handling of electronic securities. VP offers solutions at low cost as a result of economies of scale and helps banks reduce their operational risk.

VP's clearing and settlement system is one of the most secure and efficient in the world. We handle electronic issuance of securities, provide safekeeping of securities on single investor and nominee accounts, and act as Issuing Agent for those banks choosing not to maintain this knowledge in-house. VP also grants access to the foreign securities markets via partners.

In addition VP offers numerous shareholder services to banks as limited companies such as insider reporting, shareholder register, AGM, investor relations management and investor communication.

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