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Institutional Investor

For nearly 30 years, VP SECURITIES has been responsible for digital handling and storing of all Danish securities. VP plays a central role in protecting the rights of investors in compliance with Danish Legislation.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Increased insight through a reliable third party solution
  • User-friendly, secure and web-based solution
  • Complete overview of transactions and holdings
  • Efficient proxy voting for institutional investors

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Secure and user-friendly reporting and overview

As an institutional investor, you can report securities transactions directly to VP using a secure and user-friendly, web-based application. You can monitor your transactions and holdings at different account operators, regardless of whether you report your trades directly or through a third party. This provides valuable information and increased insight, enabling you to react in due time.

Our subsidiary VP INVESTOR SERVICES supports companies with a wide range of solutions that gives them a foundation for offering their investors the best service. Our specialised solutions are acknowledged as Best Practice. If VP delivers AGM services to the companies you have invested in, you can registre for their AGM's here. We also offer a specialised service enabling institutional investors to proxy-vote at an AGM.

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