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The Investment Fund industry is in constant change and topics like international distribution, streamlining of processes across borders and automation are ever present. Fund managers, their Transfer Agents and Distributors are all interested to deliver best service to the investors. But connectivity from Investor all the way to the fund manager can be a hassle, and processes like administration of issues and redemptions, re-investments and distribution of fees, AGM and investor register, ensuring correct tax reporting on behalf of their investors can be cumbersome.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Investor protection due to book entry of fund units in a CSD
  • Automated and risk-free issue and redemption due to DvP
  • Automated re-investment of dividends
  • Full suite of Investor services ie. Shareholder Registrar and AGM services and distribution of fees
  • Efficient international distribution of Investment funds via vp.FUND HUB®
  • Streamlining of processes through VP’s connectivity platform vp.FUND HUB®
  • Reduced transaction costs via utilizing VP’s SWIFT gateway

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Our solutions

VP addresses these challenges with different solutions.

Fund managers can take advantage of issuing their funds in our CSD, where they are issued and redeemed via the Clearing & Settlement process that ensures Delivery vs. Payment (DvP), thus securing low financing and reducing the risk.

The challenges of Transfer Agents and Distributors are faced in our vp.FUND HUB® solution, which is an electronic connectivity platform. It connects Transfer Agents with Distributors electronically and automates a number of processes, which facilitates efficient international distribution of funds. Transfer Agents benefit from the automation of order routing, clearing and issuance processes while Distributor get a simple access to a universe with numerous funds.

Our Investor Services also offer specialised solutions to funds including investor management, register, electronic investor communication, AGM etc. As a result, both issuers and investors take part in a low cost process, thus mitigating risks.

We address the needs and challenges of Investment Funds by developing our solutions in close cooperation with the industry. VP is a member of The Federation of Danish Investment Associations (IFR) and The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI).

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