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Lawyers and Advisors

Most companies use lawyers and advisors for solving tasks in connection with various corporate events. Lawyers are often used to plan and conduct AGMs as professional chairmen. Lawyers, auditors and other advisors often participate throughout an IPO process or other complex Corporate Actions.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Valuable partner for IPO's and complex Corporate Actions
  • Guidance and advice on best practice for the AGM process
  • Reliable solution for ensuring a secure and fast voting process
  • Many years of proven experience

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AGM and IPO expertise

VP is the leading provider of AGM services. We deliver the necessary processes, structure and reports enabling the chairman and the company to navigate calmly through an AGM. Our state of the art solutions facilitate a secure and fast voting process.

Also, we are an important party to consult when planning an IPO or a complex Corporate Action. Our advice when planning an efficient issuance process saves both costs and resources. We add value by giving competent advice in defining requirements for VP registration of shares, issuance principals and in planning and implementing the issuance.

We can also assist you with...


Issuance of Bonds

Corporate bonds, EMTN-programmes, mortgage bonds etc.