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Limited company

A Limited Company meets a wide range of requirements and regulations regarding its share capital; something that lies outside the company's core business area. The degree of complexity is determined by whether the company is listed on a regulated market or not. Maintaining the necessary competences in-house can be difficult and expensive.

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VP has a lot to offer, regardless of whether you company is listed or not. As a VP customer your shares will be issued in a digitalised form that facilitates automated, efficient and secure processing of financial transactions including issuance, trades and Corporate Actions. In addition, VP offers numerous investor related services such as insider reporting, shareholder registry, AGM, investor relations management and investor communication.

VP also offers valuable advice to ensure a smooth and cost-effective process for companies planning to issue corporate bonds, increase their share capital or who are considering an IPO.

We can also assist you with...

Issuance of Bonds

Corporate bonds, EMTN-programmes, mortgage bonds etc.