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Mortgage Institution

Mortgage bond issues imply a wide range of administrative tasks and expertise in connection with organising the issuance and handling of Corporate Actions such as tab issuance, calculation and distribution of interest and redemption. These processes can be costly and time-consuming for the issuer.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Domestic and global distribution via links to important markets
  • Multi-currency issuance
  • Eurobonds and international issuance via VP LUX in Luxembourg 
  • Fully automated distribution of interest and redemption payments to end-investors
  • Support for all types of mortgage bonds including covered bonds, covered mortgage bonds and EMTN's
  • Comprehensive reporting on investor distribution
  • Solutions developed in cooperation with the Mortgage Industry 

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Automated flow

VP provides a system dedicated to solving the specific lifecycle needs associated with issuing and handling mortgage bonds. We support all types of mortgage bonds including covered bonds (SDO), covered mortgage bonds (SDRO) and standardised EMTN programmes with flexible and customisable solutions. Our infrastructure facilitates distribution to international markets and important investor segments.

We can also assist you with...

Issuance of Bonds

Corporate bonds, EMTN-programmes, mortgage bonds etc.