Private Investor / VP Securities

Private Investor

For nearly 30 years, VP SECURITIES has been responsible for digital handling and storing of all Danish securities. You have probably already received statements sent from VP in relation to the securities account you hold with your bank.

VP plays a central role in protecting your rights as an investor. Danish legislation protects your rights when your bank registers your holdings in VP. This means that your holdings are protected in case of bankruptcy and can be transferred to another bank within days.


Our subsidiary, VP INVESTOR SERVICES, supports companies with a wide range of services giving them the best investor service platform to offer both their institutional and privat investors. Our specialised services have repeatedly raised the standard of Best Practice within investor services. If VP delivers AGM services to companies you have invested in, you can sign up for the AGM's here.

If you have any questions regarding your securities transactions or holdings, please contact your own bank. For your own protection we are not permitted to provide information on securities and holdings directly to private investors.