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Remote Member

Trading Danish securities requires access to Clearing & Settlement facilities. As a non-Danish market player (Remote Member) it can be costly to set up your own local operation.  As an alternative, many Remote Members choose to partner up with an established player providing sub-custody services for the Danish market and access to VP’s Clearing & Settlement services.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Neutral third party to operate your Danish accounts   
  • All necessary reporting and follow-up on trades and holdings
  • Flexible real-time monitoring tool through vp.SETTELMENT
  • Easy connection through SWIFT interface
  • Access to local market expertise through outsourcing of Back Office operations

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VP as your subcustodian

As a neutral third party, VP can act as your subcustodian for the Danish market. We offer to operate your Danish accounts, enabling you to report trades and transactions directly to our systems, thus reducing operational risk and extending your deadlines. We keep you informed on all types of Corporate Actions including AGMs, mergers and purchase offers that affect the securities on your accounts. 

To keep full control of your positions we additionally provide the unique vp.SETTELMENT, a web-based service that allows you to monitor trades, to follow your holding and cash requirements and much more. We also support communication in SWIFT standard format.

This way there are fewer links, a shorter way to clearing and settlement, and one point of entry.


Local market expertise at your service

Collateral Accounts

Customized solutions, low risk, easy management