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Will all Nordic CSDs survive? - Meet VP at Nordic Post Trade


Oslo, Norway, is the host city for the Nordic Post Trade conference 25 and 26 October. VP SECURITIES is on the speakers list and this year’s theme is legislation and regulation with focus on implementing processes in order to meet the tsunami o...

Risk reduction of bonds worth DKK 78.6 billion


The current level of interest rates has triggered a negative coupon for bonds with a total value of DKK 78.6 billion when September turned into October. Hence, investors have a negative revenue of DKK 16.7 million. New system support has reduced the ...

T2S – first two weeks without surprises


VP SECURITIES settled 401 trades on the T2S platform in the first two weeks. More than every fifth settlement was a cross-border transaction. VP LUX settled 41 trades in the same period.

Meet VP at Sibos


Geneva is the place to be in the last week of September. It is obviously a very nice city in the autumn but it is also the epicentre for decision makers in the areas of payments, securities, cash management and trade at the financial event Sibos and ...

T2S – gigantic project ready on time


Today, VP SECURITIES in Denmark and VP LUX in Luxembourg opens up for settlement of securities in TARGET2-Securities (T2S), which is the pan-European platform of the European Central Bank (ECB). The T2S project commenced ten years ago, with the aim o...

The migration to T2S kicks off


Today VPs migration to T2S begins. VP SECURITIES and VP LUX are looking forward to join T2S as of Monday 12 September allowing our clients to settle securities in EUR on the new platform.
The migration starts Friday at 18:00 and ends Monday 12 S...

ETN’s - The next growth market


There is a rising interest for certificates/ETNs, Exchange Traded Notes. The latest trade statistics from Nasdaq OMX shows that 325 ETNs are listed in Copenhagen, while in Stockholm they can choose between no less than 885 products. However, a new pr...

ECB declares VP as T2S ready


This week (18.08.2016) the Governing Council has accepted the application of VP SECURITIES and VP LUX to access T2S services.
As part of the preparations for T2S, ECB’s Governing Council for the T2S project has formally approved VP. This is...

VPs clients confirm their readiness to T2S


As part of the preparations for the migration to T2S, all clients have been asked to formally confirm their readiness to T2S. VP is excited to announce that both the clients of VP and VP LUX have confirmed their readiness.

Reduced risk with negative coupon


Interest rates are historically low, which presents a challenge for bond issuers required to handle negative interest rates. VP SECURITIES is currently adding the final touches to a fully automated process to handle negative coupon rates.