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Migration of DKK to T2S has passed the Point of No Return


Today, at 21:35 CET, the project of migrating DKK to T2S passed the Point of No Return, and the decision to migrate is now final.

Important initiatives from SEB to make the proxy voting process in Denmark more efficient


Recent years have seen a considerable increase in foreign shareholders’ interest in Danish listed companies, and thereby in foreign shareholders’ wish to exercise active ownership. Unfortunately, the proxy voting process in Denmark is sti...

Danish market ready for take-off with DKK on T2S


The T2S DKK project reached an important milestone, when the market participants last week confirmed their readiness - and on Monday, 29 October the first settlement of DKK will take place on T2S. Danmarks Nationalbank, market participants and VP Sec...

VP: Let’s do business on the new infrastructure


The first Market Advisory Group meeting hosted by VP Securities reported on the status of the Danish T2S project. The meeting also made an appeal for the Danish financial sector to move from an IT perspective to a business perspective concerning the ...

CSDR is a license to more cross-border business


International CSD regulation and T2S are among the enablers of the great vision of one European capital market. While nationalism and internationalism are two strong forces in opposition to each other in Europe it is hard to predict speed and scope o...

Customers and VP are testing a “Business Day” with T2S


Customers and VP have joined forces in the final phase of the test period before going live with DKK on T2S - which is just five weeks away.

DKK on T2S enters new phase


Moving from the T2S Community Test to the Business Day Test marks another milestone for customers, data centers, Danmarks Nationalbank and VP Securities. The Danish financial community is on track with the rollout of DKK on T2S, with planned Go-live ...

Countdown to the implementing of DKK on T2S


One of the biggest projects ever undertaken by VP, and also by the financial sector and the Danish market for post-trade services, is approaching completion. On 29 October 2018, we will Go-live with DKK on T2S. This marks the end of a six-year projec...

Shareholder Rights Directive: Approval of implementing regulation


In accordance with the revised Shareholder Rights Directive, The European Commission has recently adopted the implementing regulation laying down minimum requirements implementing the provisions of Directive as regards shareholder identification, the...

Companies are facing increased demands from their shareholders – and there are more to come


If we take a helicopter view of the 2018 AGM season, most companies will conclude that it was “business as usual”. However, on scratching the surface, some interesting trends and observations are apparent. These are trends that companies ...