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Audiocast - Reflections on the AGM season


On 22 August VP Investor Services invited customers and stakeholders for a morning briefing with focus om the AGM. Partner and lawyer at Gorrissen Federspiel, presented his conclusions on the 2018 AGM season and predicted key challenges and tren...

Cross-border issuance at Danske Bank fuels greater operational gains and benefits for their customers


Danske Bank issues structured bonds in both EUR and DKK at VP Securities. This gives operational benefits, while also enhancing customer satisfaction.

VP Annual General Meeting Analysis: Active ownership and digitisation set the scene


Evolution rather than revolution – that is what characterises Danish AGMs.
But over recent years something has happened, as investors – especially institutional investors – are exercising their ownership rights more actively. T...

Shortcutting the prospectus for issuance in EUR


Operational gains and savings on legal procedures made Danish Ship Finance stay with Danish law and the Danish CSD for its prospectus on ship covered bonds in EUR, even though the company had come far in the process for a UK prospectus.

Simplification and harmonisation driving cross-border issuance


Greater harmonisation, simplicity and efficiency in cross-border issuance will support an attractive Nordic capital market, according to Nykredit, Nordea and VP at a panel discussion at this year’s Nordic Post Trade conference in Copenhagen.

We’re competing on reliability


Can I trust you with my data, my business and my partnership? This is the core question in an increasingly global financial industry, according to CEO Niels Olsen from VP SECURITIES. In this interview, he discusses internationalisation, competit...

The European Commission approves CSDR settlement discipline legislation


On 25 May 2018, the European Commission published the regulatory technical standards (RTS) concerning settlement discipline. The deadline for full compliance is expected to be H2 2020.

MAR compliance is still challenging


The Market abuse regulation (MAR) will soon have been in force for two years. The implementation of the MAR regime has imposed new demands on listed companies, greater complexity and a bigger workload. Has the implementation process been completed? W...

Customers are now testing DKK on T2S


VP SECURITIES is on track with the roll-out of DKK on the European TARGET2-Securities infrastructure. The Danish financial sector will go live with DKK on T2S in October 2018, and DKK will be the first currency to supplement EUR on T2S. Right now, te...

First mover Danske Bank endorses cross-border issuance


Customer needs and internal efficiency gains will give cross-border issuance a strong future, predicts Global Head of Investment Solutions FICC Heikki Ruoppa from Danske Bank. In 2017, Danske Bank issued in EUR several times in Denmark in order to re...