Subcustody / VP Securities


Foreign banks, brokers and dealers and investment funds can minimise risks and achieve cost reductions by entrusting the reporting of trades and transactions in connection with Danish accounts to us.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Elimination of operational risk
  • Local market expertise
  • Utilisation of Danish assets as collateral for foreign liquidity

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Complete reporting and follow-up

We offer to operate your Danish accounts, enabling you to report trades and transactions directly to our systems, thus reducing operational risk and extending your deadlines. We keep you informed on all types of Corporate Actions including AGM's, mergers and purchase offers that affect the securities on your accounts.

To keep full control of your positions we additionally provide the unique vp.SETTELMENT web-based service that allows you to monitor trades, follow your holdings and cash requirements, and much more. We also support communication in the latest SWIFT standard format.