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Collateral Management

For market participants such as domestic and foreign banks, brokers and dealers the cost of liquidity makes it crucial to minimise cash or collateral tied up for settlement of daily securities, payment and Corporate Actions transactions.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Minimise liquidity costs
  • Optimise utilisation of collateral for multiple clearing purposes
  • Acquired securities are automatically included as collateral
  • Use trading book holdings as collateral
  • Reduction of operational risk through fully automated collateral management

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Optimisation of liquidity

Our Collateral Pledging solution makes it possible for market participants to settle securities transactions with the lowest possible liquidity requirements. By automatically pledging the value of an entire securities account instead of the individual securities, the market participants benefit from a high degree of flexibility in collateral management. Furthermore securities acquired in a settlement batch are automatically included as collateral.

The Collateral Pledging solution lets the market participants use the same collateral for other clearing purposes i.e. the retail payment clearing (SUM clearing and direct debit) and foreign exchange clearing (CLS clearing).

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