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Clearing Services

Regardless of which markets you trade in, you will typically experience a number of post-trade challenges. Settling the trades includes ensuring that both the cash and securities are exchanged in an efficient and secure manner. An inefficient settlement process can result in tying up costly liquidity or collateral.


Your benefits from our solutions


  • Official Danish Central Securities Depository and designated Securities Settlement System
  • Eliminating principal risk through Delivery vs. Payment (DvP) and settlement in Central Bank money
  • State of the art infrastructure ensuring high STP ratio in all parts of the process
  • Reduction of liquidity requirements due to efficient netting in the clearing process
  • Automated collateral solution optimizing your liquidity and collateral management
  • Netting of payments across asset classes
  • Direct access to the international securities markets via efficient DvP links

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Streamlining clearing and settlement

As the Danish Central Securities Depository (CSD) and the first CSD to dematerialise securities, we provide the most efficient clearing and settlement infrastructure for trading Danish securities.

Our Clearing & Settlement systems provide the flexibility of net settlement numerous times a day, as well as Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). Our clearing system provides the possibility to net across both your cash and securities positions, thus minimizing your liquidity requirements. In addition, our auto collateralisation with the Danish Central Bank based on floating pledges reduces your liquidity requirements even further.

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