Segregated Securities Accounts / VP Securities

Segregated Securities Accounts

In the Danish market, VP has made single-investor securities accounts the market practice since the early 1980s. The single-investor securities account solution offers a number of advantages over omnibus accounts.


Your benefits from single investor account

  • Secure investor protection in the event of the custodian bank's insolvency 
  • Reduction of the number of registers results in efficiency and timeliness 
  • Effective securities account handling and rapid dividend distribution and other Corporate Actions 
  • Ownership transparency 
  • Tax withholding and reporting to the tax authorities in Denmark 
  • Facilitation of communication between issuing institutions and investors

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Segregated securities accounts also ensure the issuing institutions direct access to information on investors' registered holdings. This solution helps the issuing institutions to achieve more correct and targeted communication regarding their investor relations activities, AGMs and ballots.