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Fund Managers as well as Transfer Agents are experiencing a pressure to reduce costs throughout the value chain. Regulation is also pathing the way for unified issuance processes regardless domiciliation. To service their investors even better, Distributors look for technical interfaces which can give them access to a range of investment funds.

Watch the introduction video to learn how vp.FUND HUB® connects Distributors with Transfer Agents electronically and how it facilitates efficient international distribution of investment funds. It offers services like order routing, Clearing and Settlement of orders and automatic issuance.    

Your benefits from our solution

  • Efficient international distribution of Investment funds
  • Reduction of manual processes due to automated interface for order routing
  • Reduction of complexity and risk via an automated issuance process through a CSD
  • International scalability due to Cash clearing in commercial money
  • Efficient use of Cash due to netting of Cash required for Distributors
  • Order submission in amount or fund units
  • Registrations of holdings in up to 6 decimals

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Highly customized solution

vp.FUND HUB® is VP’s solution for the funds industry and provides a suite of services, which is highly customizable. The services comprise of order routing, matching and clearing of orders, automated fund issuance, and Custody and reporting.

vp.FUND HUB® connects Transfer Agents and Distributors via a technical interface, which standardizes processes and reduces complexity.

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