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Share-based Payment

Share-based payment schemes are a popular tool for motivation. They are, however, subject to a complex set of accounting and tax regulations as well as reporting obligations according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)-2 rules, requiring significant internal resources with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

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 Your benefits from our solutions

  • Added motivational value with a clear overview of entitlements and status for each employee
  • Meet legal requirements, including reporting obligations according to IFRS-2 rules, in an effective manner
  • Access to industry specialists
  • Reduces dependence on internal resources and expertise
  • Saves time and money
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Effective management and reporting

VP's Share-based Payment solution offers a full overview of all employees covered by the scheme and their entitlements. Together with our experts you can design the solution that fits your Share-based Payment strategy using cost-effective and proven solutions complying with relevant rules and regulations. We offer the solution in cooperation with Equatex, an internationally recognised supplier to a large number of international companies.


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