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Investor Communication

Timely and effective communication with investors, both locally and globally, is vital for Investor Relations and to ensure compliance with legislation.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Wide range of proven solutions to cost-effectively enhance investor communication
  • Access to industry specialists for advice and guidance
  • Efficient and effective two-way investor communication via the InvestorPortal
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Multi-channel Investor Communication

VP can help with both postal and electronic communication to make sure the right information reaches the right recipient at the right time, for example, notices for AGMs; quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports or newsletters. We can also help you with ad hoc communication, for example, production, printing, enveloping, dispatch and questionnaires - and conversion from physical issues to electronic information to investors.

Effective, faster and less expensive with electronic communication

The use of e-communication can make investor communication easier, faster and significantly less costly. VP's InvestorPortal is a proven solution for optimising electronic communication with the investor community.


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