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Annual General Meeting

Completion of an AGM that complies with all aspects of a complex legislation and enhances Investor Relations requires specialised knowledge for planning and handling of the AGM. This adds up to a substantial cost and utilisation of resources if done internally. It is difficult and expensive to internally dedicate resources to stay on top of the AGM requirements and legislation.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Professional handling of AGM and related processes to secure compliance with legislative requirements 
  • Access to industry specialists for advice and guidance
  • Electronic voting at AGM's with e-voter adwanced woting solution 
  • Effective e-communication solutions offering, e.g. digitised invitations, registration and proxy voting
  • Choice between traditional or virtual meetings via the internet using our solution for virtual AGM's
  • Customised solutions for small, medium-sized and large companies as well as investment funds and associations
  • Less impact on your internal resources
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Extensive AGM services

With VP's AGM services we can assist in all or parts of the process relating to an AGM covering planning, handling of invitations, registration, issuing admission cards, meeting registration, voting, proxy voting, reporting, etc.

Our services are flexible and meet the needs of a small, medium-sized or large company as well as investment funds and associations. All services are performed by industry specialists with proven competences and this is supported by automated workflows in flexible IT systems. This ensures effective processes and compliance with legislative requirements for a succesful AGM.

Our systems offer a wide range of options to digitise processes which enables electronic sending of AGM invitations via e-mail, shareholder registration for AGM's and proxy voting as well as electronic voting at AGM's using e-voter, etc.

AGM services relevant to other types of meetings

The wide range of solutions and competencies that we offer for AGM's is available for other types of meetings that have some or all the same characteristics as an AGM. This could be general meetings for investment funds, associations and co-operative society or shareholder meetings.


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