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Vote with e-voter®

The conventional AGM voting process can pose a challenge especially if the AGM has several rounds of voting. Paper ballots and lengthy counting procedures take time and involve considerable human resources.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Effective voting process 
  • Instant presentation of the voting result
  • Promotes corporate governance
  • Enables disclosure of voting results to all stakeholders
  • Saves time and enables several rounds of voting

See how the e-voter® works here.

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Quick, efficient and reliable

E-voter® is a personally allocated handheld terminal, which each shareholder uses to vote at the AGM. Voting can be held quickly and efficiently with immediate presentation of the results to the assembly.

E-voter® supports corporate governance by promoting active ownership as well as the latest changes in the Danish Companies Act entitling shareholders to a complete report on the voting result for each resolution on the agenda.

E-voter® can be used at corporate and investment fund AGMs, and at shareholder meetings, etc. where voting is more informal.


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