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Fund Certificates

Investment funds experience challenges through the lifecycle of their fund certificates; starting from a cumbersome administration of issues and redemptions, re-investments and distribution of fees, AGM and investor register - all the way to ensuring correct tax reporting on behalf of their investors.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Automated issue and redemption
  • Risk-free issue and redemption due to DvP
  • Fully automated distribution of dividends and other Corporate Actions to end-investors
  • Automated re-investment of dividends
  • Calculation of fees distribution
  • Possibility for administration of tax reporting & withholding tax
  • Service for international investment funds via subsidiary in Luxembourg (VP LUX)

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Complete service

Issuance of fund certificates is one of our core competences. Our experience and competences, backed by secure and efficient systems, ensure a streamlined and fully automated issue and redemption process. Fund certificates are issued and redeemed via the Clearing & Settlement process that ensures Delivery vs. Payment (DvP) thus securing low financing. As a result both issuers and investors benefit from a low-cost and risk-free process. Besides supporting other Issuing Agents, VP can also act as your Issuing Agent.


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