IPO's / VP Securities


Attracting new capital via an IPO is a complex and challenging process that requires several partners and advisors. An IPO involves many legal obligations in connection with issuing, reporting, the AGM, the insider list and more.Valuable time can be lost if these tasks are not taken into account from an early stage.


Your benefits from our solutions

  • Advice and guidance on issuance and registration of an IPO
  • Professional partner in developing an Investor Relations strategy
  • Comprehensive Investor Services platform including Shareholder Register, AGM,  Investor Relations services and administration of insiders
  • Outsourcing of Corporate Secretary tasks

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Professional advice and hands-on practicalities

VP provide professional advice and guidance on a number of crucial aspects in relation to the IPO. This includes advice ensuring that the Articles of Association comply with your Investor Relations strategy as well as optimising the way the issuance is organised. In addition, VP offers a complete Investor Services platform enabling you to service and keep track of your investors.