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A successful share issue depends on many different factors affecting the interests of the different parties involved, i.e. the issuing company, the Issuing Agent and legal advisors.

The rules and regulations governing the actual issuance require a high level of knowledge and expertise, which is why Issuing Agents play a vital part in the success of the issuance and registration. The issuance and distribution of shares, as well as the handling of the implied Corporate Actions, require a solid infrastructure and lean processes facilitated by automated electronic registration of shares and shareholders.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Facilitation of efficient distribution among investors via our Clearing and Settlement system
  • Compliance with rules and regulations protecting investors and the issuer
  • Fully automated distribution of dividends and other Corporate Actions to end-investors
  • One point of contact for expert advice and Issuing Agent services

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Complete service

As the central hub for all issuance and registration of securities in Denmark, VP SECURITIES has gained valuable experience in securing compliance with rules and regulations governing the issuance of shares. Besides supporting other Issuing Agents, VP can also act as your Issuing Agent. Our experience and competences, backed by secure and automated systems, ensure a streamlined and efficient issue process.

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