Issuer Services / VP Securities

Issuer Services

VP Issuer Services comprise a range of flexible and fully customisable solutions based on electronic issuance and registration of securities, supported by expert advisory services, robust and efficient processes, and competitive prices.


Your benefits from our solutions

  • DKK-denominated bonds issued via VP can be pledged to the Danish Central Bank
  • Euro-denominated bonds issued via VP LUX can be pledged to any central bank in the Euro zone
  • Complete solution comprising planning, issuing and registration of securities
  • Fully automated processing of Corporate Actions
  • Facilitation of efficient distribution among investors via our Clearing and Settlement system
  • One point of contact for expert counselling and Issuing Agent services

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Issuers & Issuing Agents – domestic as well as foreign – benefit from more than 25 years of experience in handling and supporting the entire lifecycle of a security, from issuance, registration and cross-border distribution to Corporate Actions processing.

We can also assist you with...

Issuance of Bonds

Corporate bonds, EMTN-programmes, mortgage bonds etc.

Assignment of ISIN

VP is solely entitled and obliged to assign ISIN for Danish issued financial instruments in accordance with the ISO6166 standard. No fees are charged for the assignment of ISIN.